Domenico Cimarosa

Concert in B-flat major for Piano and Orchestra

Composer Prize

International festival of Symphonic Rhythmic Music

Prize "Nino Rota"

for composition

Just a reflection on the Istrumental     Concert Ihjevsk - Udmurtia - Russia  Orchestra and  Chorus of the Krakow Stable Theatre

Ernesto Sparago


  Golden Classical Music Awards - New York

      Motion Train for piano and clarinet

Giovanni Paisiello

Concert for Piano and Orchestra in C major

World Premiere


Arrangement on Scarlatti-Gasparini-Carcano music

World Premiere


Concert in F Major for  Piano and Orchestra

World Premiere

Auditorium Parco della Musica

Improvvisi-Ballate Frèdèric Chopin


After graduating in Piano and Composition, he attended seminars and master classes in composition with Pousseur, Bussotti, Vitale, Sciarrino and Donadoni.

For his specialization in piano he attended master classes with Nikita Magalof, Sergio Perticaroli, Zilberstein and B. Canino.

He graduated in musicology at the "PIMS" Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome, and he attended courses at IRCAM in Paris in 2007.

With Bussotti and Donatoni Sparago proved to be an important milestone in his formation and constituted a change in his musical thought: also experimented with electronic music.

In 2000 he created the Licita Schola Orchestra with which he held concerts both as a composer and as a conductor.

In 2002 two of his compositions entitled "Urbis et Orbis" and "Studio per pianoforte" were performed in Berlin at the Schule Zwei Klavierkonzerte.

In 2001 he won the First Prize in Composition with the music piece "Motion Train" for piano and clarinet in the Composition Competition in the city of Bacoli (Naples). This composition was published by Rai Trade.

In 2006, he received the Young Composer Award at the International Festival of Music Symphonic Rhythm with the music piece "Just a reflection on the Instrumental Concert" by the Great Orchestra of the Ihjevsk State Philharmonic - Udmurtia - Russia. He was commissioned a piece for the Festival of Symphonic Rhythmic Music for the 2007 Nino Rota Award, by the Great Orchestra of the Ihjevsk State Philharmonic - Udmurtia - Russia and by the Chorus of the Krakow Stable Theater. One of his compositions entitled "String quartet studio on Bartok" is performed by the Jerus Kwartet quartet at the Stoelenpal Kleine Zaal - Amsterdam, in October 2007.

In 2007, the symphony for orchestra "Agogica" is performed by Jeugdorkest Nederland in Amsterdam and at the Kammermusksaal in Berlin. The Lausanne Camerata performed the "Studio su Bartok" string quartet, in April 2008.

The concert, which was held on May 17 in Muhlbergscule Frankfurt, was repeated on 25 May 2008.

The Frankfurt Muhlbergschule Orchestra performed two compositions entitled " Just a Reflection on the instrumental concert ".and" Agogica ".

The orchestra was conducted by Freiherr von Stein

Ernesto Sparago published compositions for various staffs with RAITRADE editor.

In 2016 as part of the festivities for the four hundred years since the death of W.Shakespeare he was commissioned by the ACLE Foundation a compositio work from which an original musical composition was born based on fragments of the Ambleto by Gasparini, Scarlatti, Carcani. The composition is performed in the same year in the Palazzo Braschi (Rome).

He performed in first execution in modern times the "Concerto in C major for piano and orchestra", in Naples at "Sala dei Baroni" of Maschio Angioino, dedicated to the two hundred years since the death of G. Paisiello

In 2016 the music piece "Motion Train" won second place at the Golden Classical Music Awards in New York. It was performed at Carnegie Hall.

Sparago realized four concerts for piano and orchestra of Napolitan 18th century music School (namely F.Durante, G.Paisiello, D.Cimarosa, N.Jommelli).

Jommelli's concert was transcribed and revised by E. Sparago and performed as a world premiere.

The four concerts were re-performed at Villa dei Quintili on the Euro Mediterranean Festival.

He performed and adapted West Side Story piano on the 100th anniversary of the Bernstein's death.

In June 2018, he held a concert in the Palatine Chapel of the Royal Palace: "Cantata for soprano solo and orchestra", by Gaspare Gabbelloni (1769) dedicated to the historical figure of Maria Carolina D'Asburgo, for the first absolute time and in world premiere. The cantata was transcribed and revised by ErnestonSparago and performed by the Orchestra and choir of the Frosinone Conservatory of Music.

Ernesto Sparago holds concerts for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Italian Cultural Institutes, giving concerts in Romania, Strasbourg, Paris, Germany.

He is author of music for short films, documentaries, dance performances. He performs recordings with the Swuisse Chamber Orchestra, Raitrade, Unistory, Sky. M ° Sparago deals with baroque music and in particular with the authors, so called minors, of the musical school of the Neapolitan eighteenth century, revising and transcribing for the Sremusiedizioni series, Baroquemusic, the Vigormmusic and the Saundbox.

Sparago is teacher of piano, harmony, counterpoint and escape in conservatories and musical high schools.